Physiotherapy- Myths vs Facts

Physiotherapy has become an essential part in most fields of Healthcare.
There are many myths about physiotherapy. It has got stereotyped as a form of therapy required only for muscle problems and injury management.

The following content is going to help you separate myths and facts about physiotherapy.

Myth #1: Physiotherapy is only for muscle problems.
Fact: Physiotherapy is a diverse health care practice that helps prevent injury and pain, and promotes mobility, health, and wellness. From sports injuries to post-fracture rehab to joint pains, to back pain, to cardiac rehabilitation, stroke management; Physiotherapy can help in many situations.

Myth #2: Physiotherapy helps only post-injury.
Fact: With the help of a detailed history and assessment, a Physiotherapist can identify areas that are at risk for injury. With a tailor-made exercise program, that area can be strengthened hence avoiding injury altogether. This is especially useful in preventing injuries in sports.

Myth #3: Physiotherapy sessions are of long duration always.
Fact: The prognosis depends on the body part which is injured. For example – a fracture takes 6-8 weeks to heal, hence rehab can start only after that. While simple muscle strains take much lesser time to heal.

Myth #4: Physiotherapy is a Modernized term for massage therapy.
Fact: Physiotherapy and massage are two completely separate things. Physiotherapy is a practice to cure pain and disabilities while on the other hand, massage is a practice mostly for relaxation. Besides, physiotherapy is based on comprehensive history taking, physical examination, and diagnosis.

Myth #5: Physiotherapists are diploma holders.
Fact: On the contrary, it is a proper course of 4 years followed by 6 months of internship and is also followed by post-graduation courses in various Physiotherapy fields.

We, at PhysioRehab, believe in healing people with a scientific understanding of the problem along with empathy and compassion.

With the blend of a sound knowledge of biomechanics, exercise principles, skilled hands-on treatment, and the latest equipments for exercise and electrotherapy, physiotherapists at PhysioRehab are well equipped to help patients achieve their goals.

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