Benefits Of Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise that mainly works on the core, while simultaneously working on all parts of the body. It involves a sequence of controlled movements with breathing coordination. Pilates not only improves the flexibility of our body but also helps to work on our postures. Pilates as an exercise does not focus on an isolated muscle; instead, it utilizes the whole body. This intensifies the level of resistance, making Pilates more effective than regular exercises. Pilates is one of the safest and most secure workout options as compared to workouts. Hence it is the go-to exercise form of athletes, sports enthusiasts, celebrities, dancers and health professionals.

Pilates is of two types – Mat-Based Pilates and the Equipment-Based Pilates. Mat Pilates is quite interesting and challenging at the same time. Mat Pilates uses the own body for resistance. Also, it uses various props like Therabands, medicine ball, foam roller, gym ball, rotating discs, arc barrel, and fitness circles.

Equipment-Based Pilates involves the use of specialized Pilates equipment. On these types of equipment, you work with the resistance of springs that are of different strengths. It helps to provide additional support for your body and can assist you in maintaining correct alignment, at the same time adding challenges to stability. Reformer, Wunda Chair, Barrel and Core Align are some of the popular Pilates types of equipment.

Following is a log of a few benefits of Pilates:


Unlike some forms of exercise, Pilates does not over-develop some parts of the body and neglect others. The workouts given to an individual entirely depends on his/her goal. Whether you’re planning to fit in those old pair of jeans or want to resume your hobby post an injury or simply feel healthy and active; Pilates is the answer for all your fitness goals. A complete evaluation of a body is done before charting out a workout routine.

For all ages and all weathers:

Right from teenagers to young adults, elderly people, people who want to resume sports post-injury, athletes, dancers, even a pregnant woman, Pilates is a workout option that you can trust to achieve your goals. We often skip our daily walks in extreme cold weathers or prefer staying back at home during monsoon. You can skip all of these excuses while working out on Pilates because Pilates is suitable for every weather and every climate.

Flattens, tones and strengthens abs:

Long, lean muscles are the name of the game here. Pilates build toned muscles that work perfectly within the context of the body as a whole. The equipment used in Pilates helps an individual to strengthen their abs through countless exercises on a single piece of equipment. Apart from being a fun and interesting workout regime, Pilates exercises give you a pleasant appearance, thus boosting your confidence and emotional wellbeing.

Improves circulation & relieves tension:

As you transition into and out of Pilates exercises, while inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, you are actually also exercising your lungs. This improves blood circulation to all muscles, as well as your organs. Due to this breathing process, Pilates also helps you feel calmer both during and after your sessions. These workouts nourish and make you feel energised post sessions.

Enhances athletic performance:

As you know that Pilates ensures a safe workout for an individual, it can be done without risk of injury. It helps an individual to improve his/her athletic performance and strengthen their muscles. Not only this, Pilates has a proven track record for assisting sportspersons, dancers and athletes to recover from injury and get back on their field, fitter and faster.

Improves posture, concentration & self-esteem:

Good posture is a reflection of proper alignment supported by a strong core. Pilates trains the body to express itself with strength and harmony. You can see this in the beautiful posture of those who practice Pilates. Self-balancing exercises invariably promote concentration and help to focus better. An upright posture and sharpened concentration summons self-esteem and confidence in the people practising Pilates.

Prenatal and Postnatal benefits:

Pre-Natal Pilates is a safe way of exercising throughout the pregnancy, cultivating tools and techniques for physical balance and mental strength. Pilates helps you create strength in preparation for labour and also enables you to avoid common problems that occur in pregnancy. Postnatal Pilates is one of the best exercise programs to help you stabilize and strengthen the body after delivery. Jumping right into an exercise program after childbirth isn’t ideal. A woman’s body undergoes colossal changes after pregnancy and chilbirth. And Pilates provides a remarkable platform for all women who are planning for a terrific comeback after their delivery break.

Pilates sessions are conducted by fitness experts generally, but at PhysioRehab, we have experienced physiotherapists(with a sound background of biomechanics) who have been trained in Pilates for rehab. We conduct a thorough assessment to provide you with an accurate and tailor-made workout routine that supports your body and goals. Pilates at PhysioRehab is done on a one-to-one basis by our expert physios. So, hop in at the nearest clinic of PhysioRehab and transform your body and life at once!

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