FAQs About Knee Pain

There are a lot of myths running around in people’s mind regarding knee pain.
Here are the frequently asked questions about knee pain.

My Dr. says there is a gap in my knee, will it get better?
The gap in your knee on your x-ray is because of cartilage wear and tear. It cannot be reversed, but the pain caused because of it can be reduced or treated with physiotherapy and medicines.

Can I sit crossed-legged on the floor?
Depending on your knee condition, your Doctor or Physiotherapist will advise avoiding sitting crossed legged or on the floor to prevent irritation of the knee.

Can I cycle and what type of cycle can I use?
Yes, you can use a stationary cycle with excellent back support once your pain has settled down.

Can I go swimming? What style is right for me?
Yes, swimming will be the safest form of cardio you can do. You can try out aqua aerobics in the pool too. Water takes up your body weight, so there is no load on your knees. Freestyle is advisable. Walking in the pool is quite beneficial for knees with Osteoarthritis.

Is it okay if I squat to do mopping or use an Indian toilet?
Not until okayed by your Doctor or Physiotherapist. Squatting to do mopping or using an Indian toilet puts your knee under a tremendous amount of stress in extreme positions and therefore is sometimes avoidable.

Can I do Surya Namaskars /yoga /aerobics /Dance/stepper exercises?
Surya Namaskar can be modified to avoid knee bending in weight-bearing, or those steps can be skipped, the same applies for any other yoga asana. Props can be used to change the asanas. Stepper exercises or dance are high impact exercises that can worsen your knee pain and therefore better avoided, until given the go-ahead.

My knee stiffens up at night, what can I do to prevent this discomfort?
You could use a pillow below or between your knees while sleeping. If that doesn’t help you probably need to get it checked by your physiotherapist.

Will I eventually need surgery or replacement?
That depends on how severe your knee condition is and what your orthopaedic Doctor has to say.

Can I lead a healthy life without undergoing a replacement?
In most cases, conservative PHYSIOTHERAPY management can help you lead a near healthy life without having to undergo a replacement. Still, it varies from patient to patient and life goals and demands.

How can physiotherapy help me?
In physiotherapy, we can work on managing your pain, improving the muscle strength of your legs, hips and improving your balance and gait.

PHYSIOREHAB treats all kind of knee pain with a customized plan of care for each patient. We are into conservative physiotherapy treatment for Osteoarthritis as well as we do rehabilitation for post-operative knee replacements.

Please feel free to dial your nearest PhysioRehab clinic for more information.

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