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July 2023

INCONTINENCE HOTLINE: PLEASE HOLD- PART 2 IT’S NOT ONLY KEGELS So here we are: part 2 of the urine incontinence series. Type ‘urine leakage’ in Google and chances are, you are told to ‘KEGEL ‘exercises. And this is touted as the one size fits all kind of exercise. Is it though? The answer is – NO. What are KEGEL exercises?  These are exercises which involve repeated contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Hence they

INCONTINENCE HOT LINE- “PLEASE HOLD!” If you’ve got the joke – Congratulations! You know what I’m talking about and this blog will add to your knowledge. And who knows, may help you or your loved ones solve the issue. If you haven’t: Even better – This blog is for you! So, what is URINARY INCONTINENCE really? Urinary Incontinence refers to the condition where there is ‘unintentional leak of urine’. This is common when