Pilates For Pre And Post Natal Pregnancy

Pilates has widely been regarded as one of the best forms of exercise for keeping women fit during pregnancy and even after delivery. Pre-natal Pilates is specifically designed to cater to the changes occurring in a woman when she is pregnant. We, at PhysioRehab, offer you world-class pre and post natal Pilates which is highly beneficial and safe.

Below furnished are some of the benefits of pre and post natal Pilates:

1. The core is strengthened:
As Pilates focuses on core recruitment for all the exercises, it inevitably strengthens the core. When pregnant, the growing baby puts added stress on the back, which can give rise to pain.A strong core reinforces the support system thus enabling a woman to manage her pregnancy smoothly.

2. Safe & Smart exercises
Pilates is a very gentle and soft exercise program that never exerts unnecessary harm on the body of the woman and her womb. On the contrary, recent studies have presented that regular exercise throughout the prenatal period supports the baby’s brain growth and development. Hence, pilates are highly recommended by gynecologists.

4. Mind body connect:
There a lot of hormonal changes when a woman is carrying and also when a woman has delivered. This makes the woman highly vulnerable to mental and physical stress. Pilates is a state of mind that encourages an individual to be in a calm and serene state of mind.

5. Posture Management:
In addition to incorrect body alignment due to the growing belly, women also face back pain post pregnancy due to frequent breastfeeding sessions, carrying and changing the baby. Pilates help to ease pre and post pregnancy-related aches and pains by strengthening the muscles required for maintaining a good posture.

A pre and post natal Pilates program can help you get ready for the demands of new motherhood.

PhysioRehab offers exclusive pre-natal and post-natal programs dedicated and designed to provide holistic health benefits to expecting women and new moms!

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