Exercise Everyday To Keep Mood Swings Away

Did you know exercise can help reduce hormonally driven mood swings? From the first menstrual cycle until menopause, women live with an ever changing level of estrogen and progesterone. This impacts their fertility patterns as well as their brain chemistry and moods. When estrogen levels drop, such as before and during a woman’s period or during menopause, women lose a natural source of the ‘feel good’ brain chemical called serotonin. Serotonin is believed to regulate mood and behaviour, appetite and digestion, sleep and memory. A lack of this vital hormone makes women susceptible to mood swings, depression and anxiety attacks. Exercise counters these hormonally-triggered mood swings by releasing endorphins which is another mood regulator. These endorphins leave you feeling happy and relaxed after a workout which is why physical exercise is known as the only drug free anti-depressant. Hence it becomes vital for women to exercise right from childhood to even beyond menopause to keep the mood swings away. In the current trying times, we need to stay positive and what better way than to exercise. So get moving and drive those blues away! Please feel free to dial your nearest PhysioRehab clinic for more information.
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