Physiotherapy For Foot And Ankle Pain.

It is estimated that an average human takes about 5000- 7000 steps daily. That is a lot of work to do. It is not surprising that the feet and ankles can hurt or get injured due to a variety of reasons. Foot and ankle pain can occur suddenly due to trauma, or it can develop slowly over time.

Physiotherapy has a huge role to play in getting back proper function of the ankle and feet and to reduce pain.


Below are some common foot problems and their solutions via physiotherapy.

  • Calcaneal spur and Plantar fasciitis– Plantar fasciitis is a common condition due to inflammation in the tissue inside the sole of the foot. This can be due to overloading of the foot like suddenly running, increasing the speed or distance, returning to sports without warm-up, poor foot muscle strength, faulty biomechanics. With a tailormade physiotherapy exercise regimen, comprising of stretching, strengthening, and correction of biomechanics, most of the causes can be addressed.
  • Strains and sprains – the ankle is prone to ligament strains and sprains especially if the balance is poor. The ligaments can also get injured while playing on uneven surfaces. Getting good muscle strength and stability around the ankle accelerates the healing process. Working on the balance ensures that the ankle remains stable even in high impact activities and on uneven surfaces.
  • Collapsed arches or pronating feet– having a good arch ensures that we walk effectively without straining the foot and our leg. However, due to various reasons, the arches collapse. this makes walking and other activities painful over a period. Good quality tailor-made orthotics and arch exercises are required for long-lasting pain relief.
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