Tips For Marathon Recovery

Marathons provide a liberating experience. However, it is essential to pay attention to recovering well post a marathon. We, at PhysioRehab, have shared some tips that will help you recover quickly post a race:

Rest (is assured)
The best way to recover is to ensure that you rest well post your race. Take the day to rejuvenate. Engage in replenishing your energy by eating nutritious food and sleeping well.

Investigate Injuries
Analyse your run, especially if you had aches and pains during your run. Addressing these issues ensures that all potential injuries can be taken care of before the next run. Thus, you will be better prepared.

Seek Help
Get your injuries and aches checked. A physiotherapist can help identify the source of the injuries and help you manage and recover well.

Start Strengthening
The period between the big runs is a good time to build strength, endurance and stamina. By working on the injuries, weak muscles, doing a well planned run regimen, you can prepare well for your next run.

One of the most common mistakes runners make is running long runs immediately after a marathon. Therefore, unless you’re physically recovered, do not attempt another race.

Team PhysioRehab wishes fitness and happiness to all the runners out there! Run strong, Run safe.

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