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Physio Rehab is your best companion for specialist physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and fitness. In just a few short years we have gained tremendous trust among the residents of Mumbai, and also some from as far away as Dubai, London, Singapore, China and Africa!

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How PhysioRehab can help you

Many of us don’t realise how much stress our bodies undergo, whether we lead sedentary or active urban lifestyles. Symptoms can range from the barely evident to severe pain, with the common ailments being muscular pain in the back and neck, pain from pinched nerves, or joint pain in the knees.

PhysioRehab understands your needs well and our team is equipped to identify and treat your ailments no matter what your age or particular need. We treat patients for:

  • Spine physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Under 18 physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Women’s health
  • Weight and fitness (through Pilates and other therapy)

No matter what your situation, we can offer solutions. We also work with those who wish to improve their fitness so that they can undertake physical challenges like treks, pilgrimages, adventure holidays, overseas travel etc.

You can read more about our services by clicking here.

Gym Ball for Spine Rehab

Our Philosophy

PhysioRehab’s practice is based on the 3 cornerstones of our philosophy:

  • Evidence based practice
  • Clinical skills
  • Patient satisfaction

We focus primarily on hands-on therapy because the best judgement will always come from the patient and the doctor, and hence the best treatment. To complement that we also have all the equipment needed to take you on the journey to wellness.

The goal-oriented treatment regime we create for all our patients is specifically designed to suit individual and occupational needs. Each session is can exclusive to each patient, or part of a group, with a dedicated therapist assigned to the patient.

At PhysioRehab, we help you avoid surgical procedures in all but the most extreme cases, and show you how your own body can work wonders to cure itself.

Advanced Spine Rehab

Our Success

At the end of the day our greatest reward has always been the trust we have earned from our patients, some of whom have been with us for over 3 years, having started with therapy and now moved on to regular fitness needs.
You can read what our former patients have said about us by clicking here.

Manual Therapy

Let us help you

You can come to PhysioRehab with any kind of big or small requirement. If you need help recovering after an injury, if you have pain related to your spine or joints, if you are preparing for a sporting event like a marathon, if you want to go on a pilgrimage or a holiday, we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

You can contact our branches at Bandra (+91 9702872877), Malad (+91 8691858383), and Opera House (+91 9594132995), or write to info@physiorehab.in. For locations and further enquiries, please click here.