Testimonial – Hena Desai

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“MRI, x-rays, and countless doctor visits later I could find no explanation or solution for my persistent foot and back ache that hindered all my daily activities, from walking to even sitting for long periods (all at the age of 24). I signed up for physio therapy at PhysioRehab with little hope- but was I wrong! Under the care of the amazing Dr. Priyank, we were able to figure out the cause of my pain, manage it and work on my muscle strength. In less than two months, the Doctors have helped me get rid of the pain through their precise assessment and exercises, and enabled me to improve my fitness. I still have some way to go to be fully okay, and I’m positive that under the current care, I’ll get there very soon. A big thank you to Dr
Priyank and Team PhysioRehab for all their efforts!”

– Hena Desai

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