Testimonial – Bina Raghavender

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I am Bina Raghavender. I’d like to share my thoughts and experiences at Physio Rehab with you. At the age of 65, I had a nasty fall and had to undergo a shoulder surgery called Rotator Cuff Repair. My doctor, Dr Narvekar put me onto Physio Rehab after almost 3 months in a sling. When I started physiotherapy under Dr Priyanka, I could barely move my arm from the shoulder down to my fingertips. I’ve to admit the treatment, though painful, the entire bunch of EXPERT doctors, who are forever SMILING and ENCOURAGING  us, made it so very easy for me. I’ve almost recovered fully, thanks to Dr Priyanka and her sustained encouragement and I must say I’ve to thank PHYSIO REHAB!

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