Testimonial – Aruna Jhaveri

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Beginning to pen down here is difficult coz to write what you feel is extremely difficult for me, therefore when PRAJAKTA asked me to write down a few lines of my experience at this miracle place got me in panic. To begin with these pretty angels have made me get my self confidence back to be a tall sexy lady with a little crooked ass .
What do I say about PRAJAKTA , The Miss Perfecto who pushes me beyond my comfort zone and has got me a very long way,
My one and only Jack in the box or rather Jill in the box MANSI my walking talking music buddy who lights up the place with her smile and twinkling eyes,
EKTA keeps this place so grounded that it’s very difficult to miss her around,
My medium, DIVISHA who got me hooked to this place, very cool, calm and coy.
Of course my dear ANJU where would we all be without her, thank you ANJU for welcoming me here with so much love and attention.
P.S.: PRAJAKTA: – I would never be walking and balancing myself so well without your help.
THANK YOU all for the constant LOVE AND WARMTH.


– Aruna Jhaveri

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