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Case Study – Post C-Section Rehab Programme

Mrs X, a 33 year old young female came to PHYSIOREHAB with the complaints of Pain in both the calf muscles since 4-5 months. Difficulty in lifting her 1 year old Baby. Unable to stand for 1 and half an hour. Pain in the calf muscle post walking for half an hour. History of: Patient […]

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Celebrating Women – March 2018

Celebrating Women – March 2018

In honour of Women’s Day, PhysioRehab had special programmes and messaging all through March 2018. After all, one of PhysioRehab’s core responsibilities is to make women more aware about their health and to promote wellness and awareness among the women of Mumbai. On 9 March, Physiorehab Malad celebrated womanhood  with an event that was graced […]

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