Tactics For The Race Day

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You have spent weeks training hard, make sure all your hard work is rewarded. Plan a sensible strategy with tactics and pace and follow it during the race day.

Plan your strategy

Decide how to approach the race. You would either want to beat your previous best run time or if you are running for the first time, set a time target for yourself.

Set your pace

Running too fast or too slow can build up lactic acid in muscles and a sense of fatigue too early. Stick to your training pace which you have been practicing till now.

Get off to a Good start

Do your warm up before starting . Start at a steady pace.

The middle section of the race

This is the time when physical and mental fatigue starts setting in. Put your doubts out of your mind. Maintain the target pace and stick to your strategy.

A strong finish

This is the time you have been waiting for so long. Don’t slow down as you approach the end, vital seconds are added to your time. End your race with a smile.

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