Racquet Sport Injuries

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Racquet sports like Tennis, badminton and squash are a great way to stay in shape. They are sports that are played across the globe and enjoyed by athletes of all age groups. Because of the explosive nature of these sports, your body and joints are subjected to high impact, sudden changes in movement or direction which predisposes one to a high risk of injuries.

Overuse is the cause of most racquet sport injuries. Muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendon injuries and other repetitive stress related problems account for majority of injuries sustained.

Some of the common areas injured are:

  1. Ankle injuries: sprained ankle and stress fractures
  2. Shoulder injuries: sprain and strains
  3. Calf strain
  4. Low back injuries: strains and stress fractures
  5. Tennis Elbow

Common causes for these injuries include:

  • Inadequate warm up or cool down
  • Muscular Imbalances of strength and flexibility
  • Malalignment of joints: e.g. leg length discrepancy
  • Sudden increase in training , volume or change in type of training
  • Inadequate fitness for the sport
  • Faulty technique
  • In appropriate equipment

How can one prevent these injuries or reduce their incidence?

  • Screening a child pre-season by a sports physiotherapist can help identify the musculoskeletal issues relevant to their racquet sport.
    Accurate diagnosis and management is a key to successful rehabilitation & return to sport.
  • At PHYSIOREHAB, each child is assessed by a sport specific assessment and a treatment regime is then tailor made to provide accurate and speedy recovery.
  • Ensure an adequate warm up & cool down. Have your physiotherapist give you tips on those.
  • Even if you do not suffer from any ongoing issues a physiotherapist can help identify key areas you can work on to improve or enhance his sport performance.
  • Ensure good hydration and nutrition strategies

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We at PHYSIOREHAB have a qualified and skilled team of Physiotherapists who are attuned to deal with the above mentioned injuries and also provide you with an individualised sport specific program. We aim at not only making you pain free but also help you enjoy your sport without further risk of injury.

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