Osteoporosis: Dos and Don’ts at the Gym and in Yoga

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x-ray of a kneeAs we age, our bones lose some of their youthful strength and flexibility. Osteoporosis is a condition of increased bone weakness  and reduced density, brought on my age, hormonal factors and calcium deficiencies. It affects a large number of people, especially at an older age, and it’s more common in women than men, but with the right precautions and the appropriate physical regime, you can stay as active and injury-free as ever.

Here is your simple 10-tip guide to continuing to exercise and stay physically active in a healthy, pain-free, and injury-free way in your more advanced years, or if you suffer from osteoporosis.

  1. Incorporate more weight bearing exercises like squats, wall pushups, walking in your exercise program. No high impact exercises like running, jumping jacks, spinning classes at the gym.
  2. Free weights are far superior to machines.
  3. Avoid extreme flexion based exercises like sit-ups, crunches, knee to chest position, abdominal sit-up machines at the gym, traditional child pose, pigeon pose.
  4. Movements like superman hold, leg raises lying on belly or seated back extension machines to be avoided to prevent excessive load on the lumbar spine. Instead, try seated row machines or all fours position to strengthen your back.
  5. Avoid combined bending and twisting movements bicycle crunches and seated trunk rotations to avoid grinding and stress on the spine.
  6. Avoid machines that strengthen the muscles that pull you forward like pec-deck or bench press.
  7. Do poses which stabilizes back and improves rounded posture like urdhwa tadasana, fish pose, downward boat, upward facing dog etc.
  8. Target major muscle groups and give importance to balance exercises to prevent falls.
  9. Tell your trainer about your condition and ask him/her to watch your movement and make certain you are keeping your back stable.
  10. Can incorporate other form of exercises like walking in the pool which is great for strengthening the legs.

Osteoporosis is a common enough condition but it doesn’t have to be a debilitating one. Take the right precautions in your physical activity regime and continue to live an active and healthy life.

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