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November 2016 was certainly eventful. First time I played poker and the first time I snapped something on my lower back.

The first few hours was filled with numbness followed by excruciating pain. I was taken to a nearby hospital who thought it was a muscle pull and let me go home. The pain only increased the next week and I visited Dr. Nene. He advised me to see Dr. Shinee.

During my initial assessment Dr Shinee and Pooja took the time to listen to my complaint and effectively questioned me. I was provided with a clear description of my problem and an understanding of what a degenerated disc actually is. I soon realised that this problem had lain dormant for many years because of my posture and excessive sitting and was even subtly affecting basic things such as how I walked.

Pooja then provided me with a clear strategy on what exercises I needed to do and how my standing and sitting posture and even simple things like getting up from the bed needed to adapt to allow my back to heal.

It has been a year now and I’m very happy to say that the disc bulge has reduced. I not only walk, I run and dance too. I don’t feel any pain in my lower back and have core muscles that could give Katrina Kaif a run for her money.

I can’t thank Pooja, Shinee and the entire team at Physiorehab enough. I love you guys and may the force always be with you.

Thank you for having my back quite literally!

– Kymlin

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