Good Posture Tips for Children and Students

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Good posture is a crucial contributor to good health, fitness and physical strength. Due to several environmental and lifestyle factors, children are especially susceptible to bad posture habits, which affect them even more in their developmental years.

Here are two common areas in which the postural habits of kids can be improved.


Good posture for phone usage and reading


The discipline of staying active and not vegetating in a single position for too long is as important as making sure you are sitting in the most stress-free positions possible.



Good posture while carrying a back-pack or school bag


Be very careful about allowing kids to carry excessive weights in back-packs and school bags. The best way to allow them to have good posture in those circumstances is for them to carry only healthy level of loads.


Improving posture can be a simple matter of changing some bad habits and and paying attention to some dos and donts. Most importantly, be aware of bad postural habits and activities which make your child be in a single position for long periods. Help them apply the above pointers to live a healthier, more active life.

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