Fighting Obesity: Fat Lasts Longer Than Flavour

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Obesity is a condition where an individual has accumulated body fat causing negative effects on the individual’s health. These negative effects includes multiple joint pain especially the hip, knee and ankle, as they most of the body weight is taken by these joints, increased risk of cardio vascular pathologies and kidney diseases etc. Individuals are also prone to diabetes, hypertension etc.


How can one know if he/she is obese?

Usually the BODY MASS INDEX is used to determine obesity .This ratio compares the individual’s weight to his/her height. The formula for this is


The normal value is for most adults is 18.5-24.9,

25-29.9 is considered overweight

30 and above is considered obesity.


Factors that may lead to obesity

  1. Lack of exercise.
  2. Medical conditions (decreased levels of thyroid)
  3. Genetics
  4. Unhealthy eating habits
  5. Use of certain drugs like steroids

How to prevent obesity and how to treat it

Regular exercising: Moderate intensity exercises should be done including use of various resistances , core strengthening exercises, upper body training, lower body training and

Endurance training that may be either hydrotherapy, swimming or walking/running/jogging. Many different forms of exercises using different equipment can also be used for these individuals. These may help in advanced strengthening and also help in reducing the loads of the joints. These include

  1. TRX
  2. Reformer
  3. Wunda chair
  4. Core aligner and other such modern equipment

These help in training the individual more functionally and moreover the endurance also builds up.

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Follow a healthy diet plan: Consult a nutritionist for guidance Avoid over-eating and untimely ` meals.

Monitor your weight regularly: These help you determine whether your efforts are showing results and also help you detect small weight gains before they become big problems.

Lifestyle changes: Avoid alcohol, Wherever possible try walking than cars, trains, buses etc. , wherever possible take the stairs and avoid using the elevator , take breaks throughout the day to walk or stretch.

Be consistent and determined: Sticking to healthy weight control plans throughout the week and amidst vacations as much as possible increases your chances of long term success.


At PHYSIOREHAB, we design various exercise programs for overweight/obese individuals. This may help him/her reduce the risk of various conditions and help the individual stay healthy.

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