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I suffered an injury in sept 2016 due to excessive running load. A terrible one for me at a wrong time. I was preparing for Mumbai marathon in Jan 2017 and 4 months before that I could barely walk a few steps and used a stick for support. My ortho told me that it will take 6 months to heal completely and I should avoid running altogether during this time.

Something in me didn’t want to accept this and I turned to physio rehab for some normal therapy that could help speed my recovery. This was my first physio visit and I was totally in awe of the way they examined the minutest details about my body and not just the injury portion. In that one visit, I realised there’s much more to running and fitness than what I thought. We started with my pain management and strengthening and slowly started to feel better. During this time, I was insanely impatient, restless and helpless and kept bothering my therapist Niriksha with a zillion doubts. I haven’t seen a person so confident and patient. Seeing her confidence in my progress, I couldn’t help but trust my progress myself rather than worrying about Jan.

It took me approx 2 months to get back on my feet and resume my training again, only as a much stronger runner now and I did run the SCMM injury free. Thank you for being my constant support. Niriksha is my go-to person for any fitness related stuff. Working out with her is fun too, the way she concentrates on minutest detail about your body form, muscle or posture is just commendable. She makes you do it the right way, in it’s truest sense and that’s what I love about my workouts with her. It kills you sometimes but that’s sweet pain in her language. She seems more of a friend now than a therapist. Thank you Niriksha and Physio Rehab for having my back!

Lots of Love,

– Dheep Vora

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