Case Study – Weight Loss

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– Dr. Sunny Israni


  • A 36 year old woman came to us with low back ache that she had been suffering from for 10 years. The pain was intermittent in nature and she felt occasional exacerbations with pain & heaviness radiating till the back of the thigh.
  • She also suffered from feet ache with maximum pain over the heel area. Due to this she could not indulge in any form of weight bearing exercises, eg: treadmill, standing exercises.
  • She was obese and was psychologically affected by her appearance.


  • No investigations like MRI or X-ray were done.
  • Vitamin D3 was insufficient and she was taking medicines for the same.
  • Patient has hypothyroidism and on medications for the same.


  • She weighed 92.4 kgs and was 5’3″ in height.
  • Her BMI was – 37.5, thereby, falling in the category of grade 3 Obesity
  • Her fat content was 43.8%.
  • She had tenderness in her lower back and also the heel.
  • There was pain while bending forward.
  • Standing on one leg was painful.

Weight Loss


  • Goal- To become pain free and to be able to carry out daily routine activities comfortably. The patient weighed around 75kg before her thyroid problem. She was fittest when she was between 25-30 yrs old and was grade 1 obese before delivery of her second child.


  • Pain management Pain in the heel was tackled by ultrasound therapy, cold packs and exercises. The acute low back pain was treated with hot packs & exercises. For the radiating pain, the nerve was mobilized with exercises and stretches. It took care of the symptoms radiating till the back of the thigh.


  • Strength training   Specific muscles of the body were trained especially the core which included the abdominals and back muscles. Along with the core, the lower limb muscles like glutei, quadriceps & calves were also trained. Once the muscular strength picked up, the patient started feeling confident while walking and could feel the difference in her day-to-day activities.

Weight Loss

  • Weight loss regimen  A customized weight loss program was designed for her by PhysioRehab which included cardio in the form of non-weight bearing initially on the bicycle clubbed with basic /intermediate Pilates & functional workouts.


  • Pilates – Progression was made to cardio on treadmill and advanced Pilates on the Pilates Reformer.
    Pilates (Reformer) help to build and maintain lean muscle mass while you are losing weight, help to realign posture as the body’s center of gravity changes, promote long elegant posture and graceful flowing movement, and keep you centered and energized — all at the same time.

At the end of one month, the patient lost 1.5 inches from the waist, 2 inches from the hip, 3 inches from the thighs and almost an inch from the arms.
Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Now, the patient is pain free when walking, bending and doing any household activities and is continuing on the Reformer for weight loss.

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