Case Study – Watch your foot!

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– Dr. Niriksha Khasgiwala


35 year old Reema Gupta (name changed) came to Physiorehab with following complaints –

  • Pain in left foot and pull in outer thigh area since 6 weeks.
  • Symptoms worse after wearing 4″ heels
  • Stiffness in left leg during walking
  • Sudden Onset.
  • No history of fall or trauma
  • Pain Intensity moderate



  • Sedentary job with 5-6 hours in front of desktop.
  • Managing 2 young kids whose care taking requires frequent bending and squatting.



  • Getting up after sitting for more than an hour.
  • Walking more than 2 minutes.
  • Squatting.



  • Rest



  • Moderately flat footed both sides (Fallen arches).
  • Triggers points on Left thigh muscle.
  • Extremely hyper flexible at all joints.
  • Lower leg strength good but functional tests revealed severe imbalance in the buttock muscles and ankle.
  • Altered walking pattern.
  • Her main cause of pain was her collapsing foot arches. Feet are the foundation of the body and the collapsing arches were causing a lot of stress on her ankle due to improper distribution of body weight and hence straining the entire lower limb adding to increased stress and muscular imbalances.



  • Soft tissue release
  • Icing
  • Glut Strengthening.
  • Orthotics (Footwear Correction) – The insoles gave her feet and ankles added support and helped in unloading the structures under stress and immediately provided her significant pain relief.

She went through a planned REHAB with us which focused on Glut and Core strengthening thus improving stability.

In the end she was a stronger and happier Mother who could take care of her kids no more worrying about the pain that she had.

We strive to get into the minute details of each patients case so that we can find the cause and treat the same. We at PHYSIOREHAB also do a detailed Foot Evaluation as indicated and help correct any faulty alignment if needed.

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