Case Study – Upper Crossed Syndrome

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36-year-old male Mr. Kunal Modi (name changed), a corporate employee, came with the following complaints:

  • Neck & upper back pain (Left side) associated with left sided arm pain
  • Morning stiffness & difficulty in performing his daily activities


  • Desk job more than 8 hours of sitting
  • Minimal physical activity
  • Self drive to work


After undergoing the evaluation at PhysioRehab following were the findings:

Posture –

  • Forward head
  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Rounded Mid back


  • Triggers on left side upper back & neck
  • Neck Range of Motion restricted and painful in both side bending and extension
  • Thoracic spine mobility restricted L>R
  • Tightness of the chest muscle


Upper Crossed Syndrome

Upper Crossed Syndrome


We at PhysioRehab have designed a tailor made exercise regiment of a graded rehab program of 8-10 weeks. The basic aim of treating upper cross syndrome is stretching the tight muscles & strengthening the weak ones.


Most important thing is to maintain neutral spine posture while working on the desk where shoulders are pulled behind & chin tucked in. The work environment i.e. computer distance, desk height, chair height should be accordingly adjusted.

Stretching –

  • Levator scapulae stretch

Levator Scapulae Stretch

  • Upper trapezius stretch

Upper Trapezius Stretch

  • Pectoral stretch

Pectorals StretchPectorals Stretch

  • Thoracic spine mobility

Improve Thoracic ExtensionImprove Thoracic Extension

Strengthening –

  • Middle & lower trapezius muscles

Middle and Lower Trapezius

  • Serratus Anterior

Serratus Anterior

  • Deep neck flexors

Deep Neck Flexors


After undergoing the entire exercise protocol Mr. Kunal is completely pain free & can manage his long working hours/long drives. He was educated about proper posture & its benefits to the body. Thus the cause of his pain was analyzed and was taken care of.

Such programs are regularly conducted for corporate employees at PhysioRehab, and you can contact us for the same.

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