Case Study – Revision ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation

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– Dr. Shweta Bhatt

Mr. Neeraj Yaadav, a 33-year old pilot, came to PhysioRehab after having a left Knee revision ACL reconstruction for post-operative rehabilitation in December 2017.

Neeraj had started physiotherapy immediately post his surgery as advised. He already had the injury of the same ligament in 2009 and was operated for the same. He used to feel apprehensive while doing activities such as walking, climbing stairs, jogging etc. due to weakness. Hence, an intense and specialized rehab program was advised by the surgeon and team at PhysioRehab.

He was determined to get better soon as he was medically unfit for his job & had a long way to go as rejoining the job required him to clear the fitness criteria. He was highly concerned as the ligament was injured the second time post the surgery.

Main issues on assessment:

  • moderate swelling over the left knee
  • left quadriceps and calf muscle wasting i.e atrophy of muscle
  • limp seen while walking
  • Limited bending of the left knee, restricted due to pain.
  • Weakness of strength of glutes , quads, calf.

After doing the detailed assessment, Mr. Neeraj was explained and counseled about his present status and further plan of action.

A special tailor made program was outlined for Mr. Neeraj. As per his “return to job” criteria.

His plan of care was:

  • Improvement in knee range of motion
  • Quadriceps, gluteus, hamstring, calf muscle strengthening in multiple positions
  • Balance/proprioception
  • Agility and endurance training
    Agility training with roller
    Side-lying hip abduction-extension exercise
  • Functional training
    Functional training
  • Balance and proprioception training
    Balance training
  • Agility training and high impact activities.

He was able to walk pain free with full weight-bearing as advised by the surgeon on the operated limb within two weeks of rehabilitation. He further continued 6-8 weeks of extensive physiotherapy and has regained confidence in walking , stair climbing , jogging and cycling & is commuting hassle free like before.

Patient Speak:

The attention I have received over the last 8 weeks is phenomenal. I can now understand the reason I was referred to Physio Rehab with high confidence by my Surgeon. A special word of appreciation for Ms. Shweta Bhatt for successfully treating my knee and providing a tailored program to achieve functional readiness in a very short span. Special attention was given to correct my posture which is critical for my profession as a Pilot. Without her motivation and guidance, recovery and treatment would have been very difficult. I am impressed with the efficiency of Physio Rehab staff and humbled by their courtesy and co-operation. 

Thank you,
Neeraj Yaadav

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