Case Study – Rehabilitation post-right knee ACL reconstruction

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– Sneha Daiwajna

Harsh Shah, a 25-year old man, came to PhysioRehab after having a right Knee ACL ligament surgery for post-operative rehabilitation. Harsh was advised to start physiotherapy the very day after his surgery. He was very determined to get better soon as he had quit his job and had a long way to go.

A subjective examination revealed:

  • moderate swelling over the right knee
  • right quadriceps muscle wasting
  • limp seen while walking

Then an objective examination revealed:

  • Grade 2 tenderness on palpation around the stitch area below the right knee
  • 5 cm difference in quadriceps muscle girth at the musculo-tendinous junction
  • Right knee Extension lag of 10 degrees
  • Flexion range of 90 degrees, restricted due to pain and stiffness.

Post-operative Knee ACL Rehab protocol started on day one with basic quadriceps activation exercise, and hold-relax techniques to improve knee flexion range of motion.

At PhysioRehab, each patient is given special attention and the same was administered to Harsh.

His plan of care was as follows:

  • Improvement in knee range of motion
  • Quadriceps, gluteus, hamstring, calf muscle strengthening

  • Balance, proprioception and functional training

  • Agility training, plyometrics and sports-specific training

He was able to walk pain free with full weight-bearing on the operated limb within two weeks of rehabilitation. Over a period of 6-8 weeks of extensive physiotherapy at PhysioRehab, he was confident while walking, climbing stairs, and even jogging. Once the doctor gave him a green signal to start running (that is, after 12 weeks of surgery), agility training and plyometrics were begun and as per the doctor’s guidance, he was allowed to start playing too (which is normally allowed only after six months of surgery).

Till date, Harsh has been following the maintenance programme as advised and is walking, jogging, running and playing pain-free. He resumed work after 6 weeks of rehab and is commuting hassle free like before.

Here is what Harsh has to say to the PhysioRehab team:

“Before my surgery, I was told by a lot of people that post-op exercise is the key, need to work hard, etc. So I had prepared myself accordingly. Then on the day of discharge, doctor tells me to call on this number for physiotherapy and tell them you are this-this patient and you have this-this issue. I didn’t understand the logic of being so calm and easy about something for which the hype was already built in my head. I understood the reason behind that confidence only after a while.

At PhysioRehab, you are dealing with people who know what they are doing. Very critical to have focused, smart people when it comes to treatments. Also, at the same time, friendly people. It feels like you are at home exercising with friends or cousins. The task of exercising doesn’t remain a task anymore. You start enjoying coming to PR. The overall feel of the place is very lively and keeps you high on spirits.

Also, when the product is so good in itself, you start referring it to others unintentionally. I told everyone who got any kind of pain to visit PhysioRehab and get it treated the fun way. PhysioRehab has played a pivotal role in making me walk and run again from being a bed-ridden person. It was truly an amazing journey.

So before my physiotherapy sessions started, my picture of a physiotherapy doctor was that of a very strict person. Obviously, no one wants such grueling sessions. But I didn’t have a choice as physiotherapy cannot be skipped. But the picture was soon to be changed.

It is because of people like them, recovery becomes a seamless experience. Special thanks to Dr. Sneha Daiwajna and Dr. Shruti!

Thank You PHYSIOREHAB Team!”

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