Case Study – Rehabilitation Post Knee Surgery

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Mr. X, a 37-year-old man came to PhysioRehab for post-knee surgery rehabilitation. He had a high grade ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear along with a bucket-handle injury of the medial meniscus in his left knee, after a fall while playing football.

Rehabilitation Post Knee Surgery

He underwent an ACL reconstruction along with meniscal repair immediately, after which his physiotherapy was kick-started. He was very determined to start soon, as he wanted to resume his job, as well as his favourite sport.


On a detailed evaluation post surgery it was observed that:

  • Mild pain and swelling around the knee joint
  • Severe quadriceps muscle wasting difference of 4 cm at the quadriceps bulk region
  • Limited knee bending range and difficulty in straightening his knee
  • Weakness of lower limb muscles
  • Increased sensitivity around the knee joint


  • Improving the knee joint range of motion
  • Improving the strength of the quadriceps and reduce the deformity
  • Improve the strength of the other musculature especially the gluts and hamstring
  • Mobilizing the scar tissue post healing
  • Balance and proprioception
  • Gait training initially with the walker and brace and later without them
  • Agility training


A few days after the surgery, static quadriceps activation, knee extensions, and glut strengthening exercises with the brace were started. Later on techniques such as hold-relax were simultaneously used to increase the knee flexion range.

  • Straight leg raises
    Rehabilitation Post Knee Surgery
  • Hold-Relax technique
    Rehabilitation Post Knee Surgery
  • After a few weeks, strengthening using weight cuffs and resistance bands was done.
    Rehabilitation Post Knee Surgery
  • Terminal knee extension using resistance band
    Rehabilitation Post Knee Surgery
    Rehabilitation Post Knee Surgery
  • Balance and proprioception training
    Rehabilitation Post Knee Surgery


Within eight weeks of rehab Mr. X started walking pain-free without any walking aid, with muscle bulk almost equal to the opposite side, and resumed work.

Post ACL surgery the rehab protocol is very vital for full recovery and is designed to suit the patient’s final goals.

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