Case Study – Pectoralis Crush Syndrome

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50 year old Sana Banerjee (name changed) came in with complaints of:

  • Numbness and heaviness in right arm till hand
  • Difficulty in gripping pen/gripping any object
  • Difficulty in cooking
  • Difficulty in holding objects
  • Unable to sleep at night due to pain
  • No history of fall/trauma
  • Gradual onset since 2-3 months


  • Numbness and heaviness in right arm, forearm and all fingers.


  • Teacher (Needs to write/correct papers)
  • Cooks everyday
  • Yoga regularly


  • Cooking
  • Lifting arm up
  • Any gripping activity
  • Kneading dough
  • Lying on her right side


  • Yoga
  • Movement of arm
  • Medications for B12


  • Short moderate built female.
  • Rounded upper back and increased lower back lordosis.

  • Triggers present in front of chest (Pectoralis Minor) muscle and neck muscles.

  • Decreased upper back muscles strength and endurance.
  • Increased tension on nerves of the arm from upper arm till fingers.
  • Pain present on prolonged bending and extending the wrist.
  • Neck movements full and pain free.
  • Basically, her pain was mainly postural and caused by ‘Double Crush Syndrome’ i.e. Nerve compression at 2 sites along the course of nerve.


Over the span of 10 supervised physiotherapy sessions spread over 2 months, she underwent the following treatment:

  • Pain management – soft tissue release for 3 sessions.
  • Neural Mobilisation
  • Upper back muscle strengthening and endurance exercises
  • Pectoralis muscle Stretch
  • Grip strengthening

By the end of 10 days of treatment, she could sleep comfortably at night , write for 5-10 mins without numbness and heaviness.
By 1 month, she was pain free and could do all her activities of daily living without any discomfort. She has now resumed her regular Yoga practice.

At PHYSIOREHAB , we diagnose a condition with detailed assessment by looking at the contributing factors and not just symptoms. We strive hard to give the best results to the patient.

Here is what she had to say:

“From last 4 years , I was suffering from spondylitis. I visited various doctors frequently. I was advised calcium tablets and was shown a few exercises. I did not get much relief. I was unable to do household work. Writing, cooking, cutting vegetables had become impossible for me.
I then came to PhysioRehab (Malad). After doing physiotherapy here , today I am absolutely free from pain. All doctors here are very nice, polite and helpful. Dr Riddhi helped me with my exercises. She has shown me the right way. My gratitude to all doctors especially Dr Riddhi.
Thank you and All the best!”

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