Case Study – No more 'pain in the neck'!

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– Dr. Ekta Vyas


30 years old Anita Sharma (name changed) was having pain in the neck (right side) radiating over right arm since last 3 years. Being a computer programmer by profession, she had to sit for 8-10 hrs in front of computer daily. She had stopped doing kitchen work because of pain. There was no tingling or numbness.

Neck Pain


Anita had visited her family physician 3 times with similar complains who had prescribed routine pain killers. They worked for time being but pain used to return back. She was referred then to orthopaedic. Doctor asked her to get x-rays and blood test. The x- rays were normal. She had vitamin D3 deficiency for which doctor prescribed medication and asked her to see the physiotherapist. She went to physiotherapy clinic and took ultrasound, SWD and traction but that could not solve her problem. On recommendation of one of her friend she came to PhysioRehab.


At PhysioRehab she underwent thorough evaluation.

  1. She had rounded shoulder and protruding chin posture.
  2. Her right side neck muscle (trapezius) was overactive and taught.
  3. She used to keep her neck bent to right.
  4. Her upper back was stiff.
  5. Her right arm muscles were weak.

Neck PainNeck Pain




Neck Pain
1. Patient education and correct posture guidance.

Neck Pain
2. Kinesio taping to facilitate neck extensors

Neck Pain
3. Re-educating deep neck flexor with pressure biofeedback.

4. Upper back mobilisation

5. Upper back muscle endurance training

Neck Pain
6. Scapular setting exercise

Neck Pain
7. Arm muscles strengthening with weights and therabands.

After 6 weeks of progressive supervised training, Anita started feeling better. She could do all her exercises at home on her own. Her postural awareness helped her to keep her neck straight and would work pain free. Anita now comes to PhysioRehab for follow ups and is doing her home exercise programme diligently.

At PhysioRehab we believe it is important to work more on endurance training for maintaining correct posture for long hours rather than relying on electrotherapy.


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