Case Study – Osteoporosis

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– Dr. Sneha Parekh


Mrs. Lata Shah (name changed), 77-year-old housewife, came to PhysioRehab with complaints of:

  • Loss of balance and buckling of leg since 2 years
  • Difficulty in maintaining same posture for more than 15-20 minutes
  • General body fatigue

Her lifestyle involved:

  • Cooking for an hour, which she could no longer do for more than 15 minutes due to fatigue
  • Taking care of a 6-year-old grand-daughter
  • Walking everyday, but now she could not walk for more than 10 minutes


A thorough examination revealed:

  • Posture – Short, thin-built lady with exaggerated thoracic kyphosis, rounded shoulders and increased lumbar lordosis (low back curve)


  • Range of motion – Her spinal ranges were full but she had end-range pain during extension
  • Muscle testing showed that her buttock muscles and her core muscles were weak

Medical history revealed that she had:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • She was under medication for osteoporosis but she was not doing any exercises.


Based on her history and examination, we charted a 4-week plan of care for her that included:

  • Correction of posture – will help in maintaining a neutral spine position, thus enhancing the muscles to work at their optimum


  • Decompression exercises – to reduce pressure on the back by axial elongation
  • Strengthening of core muscles – to help stabilize the spine during various functions


  • Strengthening of the upper and lower extremity muscles – to improve the strength and endurance for better weight bearing functions, and to increase bone mineral density.

Osteoporosis   Osteoporosis

  • Balance exercises – to help in reducing the risk of falls and the buckling episodes that the patient was experiencing.

After 4 weeks of treatment, patient reported that:

  • She could walk for more than 15 minutes without taking a pause
  • She could work in the kitchen for more than half an hour
  • She could do her leisure activities also
  • Balance was better and buckling episodes have reduced


“Treatment at PHYSIOREHAB has helped me to improve my quality of life and become more mobile and functional. I am now able to do all my functional activities and leisure activities without discomfort.”


Osteoporosis is a condition seen commonly in elderly women. These patients have reduced bone density and are susceptible to fractures. Weight bearing and strengthening exercises can help to improve their quality of life.

An individualized tailor-made program helped Mrs. Lata Shah achieve better functions and improved her quality of life.

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