Case Study – Low Back Pain and Pilates Reformer

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– Dr. Niriksha Khasgiwala


Reinhard Ling, a 48 year old banker came to PhysioRehab with complaints of low back pain since one week radiating down to the right leg (thigh and toes) associated with morning stiffness in the low back. His job demands required him to take 3-4 flights per week. Sitting time had increased which caused weight gain by about 8 kilos.


  • He had the first episode of low back pain with radiating symptoms 3 years back, which had not resolved with physical therapy in Germany so he underwent microsurgery for the same
  • MRI reports revealed L4L5 disc herniation
  • His symptoms were better post surgery. He underwent rehab and got back to the gym pain free
  • But after coming to Mumbai his lifestyle was totally sedentary and he had lost touch with exercises


  • Very inflexible lower leg muscles-Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Piriformis
  • Severe stiffness in the lumbar spine (low back)
  • Fairly decent muscles strength and core strength
  • Poor core endurance


Low Back Pain and Pilates Reformer

He underwent a graded Pilates-based rehab which included a strengthening and balanced flexibility programme for three months. His pain reduced within 3 weeks. But he realised that his endurance still needs work.

Low Back Pain and Pilates Reformer

After 3 months he was fit to go back to the gym but he opted to start working on his core the Pilates way on the Reformer with us as he liked the fact that his session would be under the supervision of qualified physiotherapists. As we kept on progressing with his workouts and started adding more challenging exercises, he also started realising that he’s never been so fit and energetic in the past.

Low Back Pain and Pilates Reformer

It’s been three years since he started but he still continues to work on the reformer with us twice per week. He no more feels like a patient and takes it as a part of his life. We are not only his Physiotherapists but also his strength and conditioning trainers now. He is happy to gain more leaner muscles, flexibility and core strength which are backing up his spine really well.

Low Back Pain and Pilates Reformer

Click the image below read  Reinhard Ling’s Testimonial:

Reinhard Ling's Testimonial

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