Case Study – Antenatal Care

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Shonali Salvi (name changed) a 32-year-old female came to PhysioRehab during the 13th week of her pregnancy. She had antenatal complaints of back pain and incontinence during coughing and sneezing. As her pregnancy progressed she started having left arm pain in 2nd trimester.


  • Sedentary job with 7-8 hours sitting
  • Minimal physical activity
  • 30-40 minutes self drive to work
  • Walking for 15- 20 minutes post meals


For low back pain

  • Incorrect posture due to increased sitting hours and pregnancy related weight gain
  • Forward head with drooped shoulders
  • Imbalance in her lower quadrant muscles
  • Inflexible lower leg muscles – hamstrings, calf, pyriformis
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles for strength and endurance

For arm pain

  • Combination of tight and weak upper quadrant muscles
  • Nerve tightness in arm(neural tension)
  • Rounded shoulders


Mrs. Salvi had set her goals to improve muscular strength and staying healthy during her pregnancy. Achieving her best form of fitness in this crucial period was her primary goal. We at PhysioRehab designed a tailor made exercise regimen so that she could achieve her goals. Antenatal care protocol was best suited program. Initially exercises focused on:

  • Breathing exercises to improve her altered breathing patterns. This facilitated the deep breathing muscles and control hyperventilation. Diaphragmatic and pursed lip breathing patterns were included in her program which would help her during pregnancy and labour.
  • Graded stretching program was introduced to reduce the tightness of lower leg muscles.
  • Pilates based training for her core muscles activation and gluteal muscle strengthening.
  • Kegel’s exercise to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles. This helped to train the pelvic floor muscles. As the strength and endurance improved; her complaints of incontinence while coughing gradually reduced.

  • Functional exercises to improve her overall conditioning.

  • Upper quadrant strengthening exercises. Median nerve sliders to reduce the nerve tension in arm.


After undergoing her entire antenatal program guiding the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy Mrs. Salvi is pain-free. She was made aware about her incorrect posture and corrected for avoiding back-pain in future. The cause of arm pain was analyzed and strengthening exercises were done as a part of treatment.
She is now pain free and long working hours are not a point of concern. Her overall fitness improved making her feel more comfortable in her lifestyle. She is happy to achieve her goal of good muscular strength and best form of fitness during her pregnancy.

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