Case Study – Spondylolysis: Unstable back

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29 year old Abhinav Gupta walked in to PHYSIOREHAB clinic with major complain of pain in lower back while traveling, sitting, walking and even sleeping on back. Used to play badminton but stopped due to pain.


  • Bending backward in standing was painful and restricted.
  • Turning on sides was painful.
  • Touching the toes in standing was giving him relief from pain.

After further more detailed evaluation and supported by investigation reports, he was diagnosed with a lumbar spondylolysis i.e. a type of break in bone of spine,due to which his lower spine has became vulnerable and muscles surrounding it weak.


His goal was to be pain free throughout the day and to be able to play badminton again.


Our aims were set to meet his goals

  • Ergonomic and life style advices.
  • Stability exercises
  • Pilates based rehab focused on core strengthening.
  • Badminton specific rehab.


  • Adjustments were done in the chair to reduce stress on the lower back.
  • Postural and ergonomic advice to sitting.
  • To keep pillow under the knee while sleeping to avoid stress on lower back.


  • To achieve stability in his spine, we started training his core muscles using mat Pilates and functional exercises.
    cs_spondylolysis-unstable-back-02 cs_spondylolysis-unstable-back-03
  • After doing these exercises and their progressions for three weeks he was 70-80% better and with no discomfort in sleeping. Mild discomfort still persists while standing and working at office.
  • Next, We started Functional exercises and challenged his stability using unstable props i.e., Bosu, Harbinger, Gymball.
    cs_spondylolysis-unstable-back-04 cs_spondylolysis-unstable-back-05 cs_spondylolysis-unstable-back-06
  • After three weeks of starting these exercises he was pain free and stamina had also improved alot.
  • We then started his training specific to Badminton, which requires multidirectional movements and good agility skills.
  • Started using therabands and theratubes to strengthen overall body muscles and also mimicking his strokes to help him play better.
  • After 4 weeks of sports specific training with us he was back to playing badminton pain-free and much stronger and stable than earlier.

Here is what he had to say regarding his experience at PHYSIOREHAB.


We at PHYSIOREHAB deal with such specific case of back instability. With a tailor made program specific to patient’s condition and goals, we can help them get back on their feet. Contact us on or leave your details and we’ll get back to you.

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