Case Study – Post C-Section Rehab Programme

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Mrs X, a 33 year old young female came to PHYSIOREHAB with the complaints of

  • Pain in both the calf muscles since 4-5 months.
  • Difficulty in lifting her 1 year old Baby.
  • Unable to stand for 1 and half an hour.
  • Pain in the calf muscle post walking for half an hour.

History of:

Patient had undergone LSCS (C section) 1 year back with no post delivery exercise/rehab programme.

On examination:

  • Tight calf muscle.
  • Lax abdominal muscles with poor core strength.
  • Weak gluteus (buttock) muscle.
  • Increased arched back.
  • Decreased calf muscle strength.

Because of the bodily changes occurring during pregnancy the abdominal muscles get stretched. This leads to laxity of the abdominal muscles and weak buttock muscles because of the increased arched back post pregnancy. This poor posture further compensate by tight front thigh muscles and tight back muscles.


Treatment Goals:

  • To educate the patient about her poor posture and advice her postural correction exercises.
  • To strengthen abdominal muscles.
  • To  strengthen the weak buttock and calf muscles.
    cs_c-section-rehab-05 cs_c-section-rehab-06


  • After undergoing 8 weeks of physiotherapy Mrs X’s calf pain had become negligible and could stand and walk for long hours throughout the day.
  • She felt more confident and was able to lift her baby comfortably .

Thus, if you come across such a problem feel free to contact us at PHYSIOREHAB. We provide a tailor made program targeting the specific problem and providing the best health care we can.

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