Case Study – Ankle Injury Rehab and Pain Relief

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Mr. Ram (name changed) age 40 years came to PHYSIOREHAB with the complain of swelling and pain around the right ankle post any prolonged activities like trekking and dance. (Patient does salsa dance form for 2 hours per week and occasional trekking.)


  • He had a fall from the trampoline 1 year back sustaining a fracture and ligament sprain to the right ankle.
  • His ankle was kept in the cast for 21 days with no rehab post removal of cast.
  • Patient has been a football player for 20 years with recurrent ankle injuries (right dominance)


  • Right foot slightly pronated (collapsing arch on weight bearing)
  • Ankle movements were restricted
  • Pain around the ankle on palpation.
  • Right calf bulk reduced as compared to left
  • Single leg standing balance was reduced on the right as compared to the left
  • Similarly Single leg standing with heel raise was difficult on the right as compared to left.


To train ankle for activities like trekking and dancing (salsa) pain free.


  • Increase ankle range of motion and reduce pain.
    Different techniques like mobilization, Dry Needling and Ultrasound were used to reduce pain and increase joint range.
    Passive stretching was done to reduce calf tightness and self stretching was taught to the patient.
    cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-01 cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-02
    Post 3 sessions patient pain had reduced with increase in ankle range.
  • The next goal was to improve strength and endurance of the calf muscles and other major lower leg muscles using theraband and weights.
    cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-03 cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-04 cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-05
  • Along with strength patients balance and proprioception was also worked on simultaneously.
    cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-06 cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-07
  • Within 6 weeks of treatment the patient was started on a goal oriented rehab programme for trekking which included.
    The Training balance on different unstable surfaces to train the patient for trekking on uneven terrain with minimum susceptibility to injury.
    cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-08 cs_ankle-injury-pain-rehab-09

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