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Live a Painfree – Independent – Healthy Life

A Physiotherapist’s Overview

As we grow beyond our youth we take physical ailments in our stride. In our busy modern lifestyles we pay little attention to early warning signs. Aches, pains, body stiffness, loss of balance, slowness of movements are taken for granted. Most of us resign ourselves to this fact, modify our lifestyles gradually leading to poor quality of mental and physical life. The physical stress due to our occupational, family, social work or poor habits can cause these changes to start as early as our teens. This leads to a vicious cycle:

Vicious Cycle

At PhysioRehab  wholistic health & fitness, we believe that most of these problems which prevent us from leading a painfree life can be easily overcome. We have a 12 point approach plan to ‘INTELLIGENT EXERCISE’ – safe and effective.

It starts with an individualized evaluation: a posture / body alignment analysis followed by specific flexibility & strength tests, neural system evaluation, gait assessment, balance and proprioception evaluation. A medical history analysis with a risk factor review. A tailormade plan is designed for you which includes education for self management and prevention tips. Your INTELLIGENT EXERCISE regime is as per your lifestyle needs & goals. Therapeutic Yoga & Nutrition are also included in your plan if required. As PhysioRehab is an exclusive exercise studio, your sessions are under the guidance of a dedicated Physiotherapist.

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