About Us

PhysioRehab – the Centre for Wholistic Health & Fitness, was inaugurated in 2010 and has worked with devotion to helping patients manage their physical wellness through physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
The clinic is the culmination of everything that Dr. Anjana Laungani has diligently worked towards for the past 2 decades, blending the Science of Healing with the Art of Caring.

The physiotherapists at our clinic are qualified medical professionals with training in skillful physio-therapeutic techniques and are empathetic towards patients. They are aware that they are managing a human being who is going through a difficult challenge (physical, mental, emotional, social and/or economic) and not just treating the symptoms. It is vital to diagnose the cause of the problem rather than just address the symptom or an investigation report.

At Physio Rehab, we believe that the skillful hands of a therapist together with compassion in the heart while treating our patients is the key to quality results and patient satisfaction. We believe in healing people with a scientific understanding of the problem in combination with creative skills of the hand and compassion of the heart.


The Core Team


Dr. Anjana Laungani

Dr. Anjana Laungani

Dr. Anjana Laungani is a Consultant Physiotherapist & Rehab Specialist with 25 years of experience in the field of Physical Rehabilitation. She underwent her medical training at the G. S. Medical College & K.E.M Hospital (Mumbai) and has trained with several international Physiotherapy Specialists from USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Finland.

To her credit, Dr. Anjana is one of the 1st Physiotherapists in India to achieve credentials from the McKenzie Institute, New Zealand. She has a wide experience base having treated patients of all age groups in various branches of her field. Dr. Anjana held the post of Head of Dept. of Physiotherapy at the ASIAN Heart Institute in Mumbai for 7 years and was responsible for establishing a recognised Physiotherapy Unit at the Institute. She was also a Specialist Consultant at the Saifee Hospital in Charni Road, Mumbai.

Dr. Anjana has a team of qualified physiotherapists trained in latest Physio-therapeutic techniques and clinical treatment regimes to ensure quality results for her patients with lasting results. Her practice is based on the principle of “Science of Healing, Art of Caring”. She believes in sharing her knowledge and experience in this extremely valuable branch of medicine and conducts personal training for young, upcoming physiotherapists at her Physio Rehab Clinics.


Dr. Shinee Shanbhag

Dr. Shinee Shanbhag

Dr. Shinee Shanbhag heads Physiorehab’s Malad center. She has over 14 years of experience in the field, the first 5 years of which were in a super specialty hospital ASIAN Heart Institute before moving into private practice.

She is well trained in McKenzie Therapy, Stott Pilates, Movement Dysfunction/Impairments and Kinetic Control concepts. She has been trained by international physiotherapists of repute. She has also been mentored by Dr. Anjana Laungani over the years to evolve as a Consultant Physiotherapist.

Dr. Shanbhag has a special interest in developing training modules for various sports like badminton, swimming, athletes, squash, and marathons (both pre-habilitation and injury management). She has designed a special program for kids and young adults up to the age of 18, known as Under 18 (U18) Rehab.

Additionally, she also holds the distinction of being one of the few Physiotherapists in India who are equipped to treat women’s pelvic floor dysfunctions (including urinary dysfunctions).

Dr. Shanbhag has been an integral part of PhysioRehab since its inception to its growing into 3 units spread across Mumbai.


Dr. Ekta Vyas

Dr. Ekta Vyas

Dr. Ekta Vyas, Consultant in charge of PhysioRehab Opera, holds 14 years of wide experience in the field of Physiotherapy. She underwent her training at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. She has strong experience base in treating patients with different medical conditions and age groups, at various hospitals like Bombay Hospital, Dalvi Hospital, and Saifee Hospital. Dr. Vyas was also practicing as a Consultant Physiotherapist for 8 years in a charitable trust using her knowledge and skills amongst people of various socioeconomic status.

She is amongst one of the first physiotherapists in India to get trained for Pelvic Floor Internal Examination and Training for women patients of all age groups, also specialising in Antenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy as a Women’s Health Therapist.

She is a qualified Pilates therapist for rehab and fitness as well. She uses kinetic control concepts for movement impairments to treat various conditions with effective results without using any modality. Dr. Vyas has undergone extensive training in orthotic and insole management. She has a wide range of expertise to offer PhysioRehab patients and fitness clients for sports rehab, spine rehab, and women’s health.

Dr. Ekta has paved the way to build Dr. Anjana’s PhysioRehab’s third branch at Opera House, where she leads a young, dynamic team to ensure quality results for her patients.